10 Steps How to Index Your New Post Quickly

10 Steps How to Get Your New Post Indexed Quickly

10 Steps How to Index Your New Post Quickly

Running a new website is hard work. You should make many efforts to get to know your website, get quality links, and find your top ranking search status. When you post a new article on your website, you want to get fast and fast serial numbers.

It’s not just important for readers to show quality content, but you should try to create a better online brand authority. Undoubtedly, we must have a tough competition in the SERP. To do this, you need to provide good content to the customer for the information related to you. To reach your ultimate purpose, you must follow the main steps of SEO:

10 Steps How to Index Your New Post Quickly


  1. Google Sites crawled your site;
  2. Quickly index your site;
  3. Get your top ranking on Google.

What is the crawling process?

Crawling is a process that refers to the Google Bot browsing site pages on the web. After you launch the website, the bots need to crawl your site to learn the existence of the web. The main activity pages of Google bots are crawling and indexing. Once the bot has crawled your page, it should be added to the category of other crawled pages. It’s called indexing like. This process lets readers discover exactly what they want. Your indexed pages are a screenshot of pages Google bots viewed last time. They are the cached version of your pages.

When you enter a search query, Google will go through those indexed pages to show you the right results. This is a complex algorithm. Accuracy, you came back to the search engine query, making Google competing and doing great in other search engines. I have launched many new websites and I have asked myself a similar question: How to make new posts fast on Google? I’ve done deeper research and I’ve included it in 10 ways here.

1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools

This is the best way to index your website. First, you should have a Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics account. Submit your website at www.google.com/addurl This is a safe way to start your index. You can check all web crawl statistics in Google Webmaster Tools. As you get new content, you should go to the section as a Google Bot, enter the URL and click Get it. When the status is successful, you must submit it to the index. You can type all the URLs with updated content.

2. Adding XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemap is a good navigation route for search bots that tells all the pages on your website. Especially, if you have a huge website, this map may allow you to index your pages faster. Create an  XML Sitemap and submit it into Google Webmaster Tools account. You need to click Add / Sitemap Testing Tested in Google Webmaster Tools.

3. Create a social profile

Social networks are a great way to get indexed on the Web on your new post index. If you run a new website, you should create a social profile on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter. To take into consideration as a basis for ranking in search engines, it is necessary to take huge amounts of retweets, +1 and favorites. As you create a social profile, add your link to the section on your website and add new posts to your new social media pages. This will boost the crawling rate of this page. Be socialized in social networks, start a conversation with people and post potential news and updates there. The more pages you interact with on your website, the faster your pages are indexed.

4. Get inbound links

Getting good inbound links helps Google find your pages faster. Try creating better links to popular and official websites. Try to get natural and related links. You can read more intact link building on Se Ranking blog. You can use the following fast link building path. You can get fast links through a blog comment, share your post on Pinterest, leave a comment on the following blog. Use the following search string to find good blogs:

Keywords + “Commentview enabled”

Keywords + “Enable Kamelview”

Keyword ifollow * .gif

Your keyword and “Enter your name”

Your keyword + “keyword”

Keyword Inural: follow * .gif

5. Check your website speed

It’s a well-known fact that loaded websites quickly get a better chance of indexing Google bots. Google’s website speed is an important ranking factor. If you run a large website, make sure that you keep track of your site speed.

6. Improve your internal link structure

Make sure all website pages are connected to each other. If your homepage has been indexed by Google, all other pages should also be linked to each other in order to be indexed. Note: There are no more than 200 links per page.

7. Publish new and unique content on a regular basis

Try posting content to stay on your regular schedule. Such content may attract Google bots and bring them back to crawl your pages. Posting once a week will be an ideal option. To avoid being tagged as a low-quality blog, make sure your content is important. Pay attention to other important SEO elements such as meta tags, header tags, images, videos, keyword density, anchor text and so on.

8. Submit your post on Digg and Reddit

This is an interesting fact that can make your post index faster. Submit your new posts to Digg, Reddit or other social popular social bookmarking sites that inspire your bots to quickly pick up the Google bots. It takes a day or two for Google to index it. The misuse of this route is that URLs can remain indexed within a few days or weeks before coming down again. But if your posts get popular, they will remain in the longer term. Social bookmarking sites are a great way to add to the Google index. If you have more to say about your site, then it will be right to try it out.

9.Ping your website

Pinging is another way to get an alert in search engines about your new content. Search engines can face some problems where you go to your website. To make this process faster, you should tell them about yourself. Pinging services can help you quickly index through search engines.

Check out the following tools:





Keep in mind that if you increase the ping activity more and more, you may be tagged as spam. It is recommended to ping the website, but make sure to add only the latest content and important updates to the website to use this tool.

10. Great Website Navigation

If you get good navigation on your website, it will be important for quick indexing. Good navigation is perfect for users and Google bots. You’ll have to do more to improve your link structure. Use breadcrumb navigation.

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