Search Engine Optimization for Website 2019

Search Engine Optimization for Website 2018

Search Engine Optimization for Website 2019

Search Engine Optimization for the website is a set of methods for optimizing a website or web page to rank within search engine results pages.

Not just web pages, but we can also do SEO operations for small or important business websites, depending on the needs.

If you are using the Internet to search for a variety of topics, then you feel that you have a better knowledge of search engine optimization. We get thousands of search results whenever we find something in a search engine like Google.

If searched, the search result will show many results in the engine results page. As shown below:

In this image, I’m showing you 6 best results that appear on the first page of search engine results. So, how do these first appear? Why not others?

These pages have been fully optimized for search engine optimization using various technologies. These methods used according to followed by guidelines provided by search engines.

Search Engine Optimization for Website 2019


Various types of search engine optimization for websites:

We have two different types of SEO:

  1. Search Engine Optimization on the page
  2. Off-page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Search Engine Optimization:

In this type of search engine optimization for the website, we optimize specific web pages or pages for a higher category in the result of a search engine. Its main purpose is to drive maximum traffic to the website.

With this type of search engine optimization, we can get good traffic to our website and include advertisements, affiliate marketing, etc. Can earn well from.

There are various technologies to SEO onPage:

Good article title:

The title plays an important role in online search engine optimization. If the title is according to the search engine guidelines, then this page is clearly a plus point for SEO.

Title length should not be less than 30 characters and should not be more than 70 characters. If you have more than 70 characters, the search engine optimization of the page will have a negative impact on performance.

Keyword is important:

A keyword is a phrase or word that enters the search engine to get the desired results from the user. The keyword tells search engines about your article. What is the article that tells search engines? Use the correct density of the keywords in your article.

Do not write your keywords multiple times or search engines will debug your page range. Generally, the 2.5% density is sufficient. This means that if your article contains 300 words, then include your primary keyword at most five times.

When starting the title of the page, include your keyword in the first paragraph, the header (H1-H6), the image, and most importantly.

Good URL structure:

An SEO friendly URL structure is fundamental. Here I give you three examples of URL configuration. You must first use it for all your posts or pages. So the following examples are:

  1. (recommended)
  2. (Bad Structure)
  3. (Bad Structure)

As you can see, first easy, easy to understand and optimized for search engine optimization. So always go for this arrangement. I suggest you not go for the second and the third example. They are not optimized for search engine optimization.

Using the title tag:

Always use different title tags to make your article more attractive. You can use H1 to H6 as per your requirement. Provide various headers in the title tag.

Adding media:

Adding some images or videos to your articles to be interactive and user-friendly is always recommended. Pictures and videos have long been focused on visitors.

Avoid stealing while adding media to your article. This means that if you are copying an image or video from another website, provide a source URL with it. Do not copy and paste directly.

Article Length:

Article length is also an important element. The minimum recommended word for the normal account is 300. The words in the article will be liked by more search engines.

Contains unique content:

Content is the lifeline of any article. Google Search Engine likes unique and high-quality content. Never copy any article from an article.

This will steal your content and you will not sort through the result of the search engine. But in any case, if you need to copy it from another site, you can leave the source like the original page.

Other components:

Other components responsible for OnPage Search Engine Optimization are:

Include outgoing links to other articles

Avoid mistakes in G grammar

The right ALT tag in the image

Good Meta Description

Optimize images for different sizes

Sitemaps, robots files

Offline search engine optimization for websites:

Off page, optimization refers to the techniques we are not doing on any page or article. This method includes external functions:

Links construction links

Media Marketing in Social Media

social bookmarking

Importance of Link Building:

Link Engine of Engine Optimization Off is one of the most effective ways. In this, we will create many external links for our website or web page. Each incoming link from our site will act as a vote for us.

If more links are coming to our website, we have a better chance of getting a higher grade in the search engine results page. To use build links, we can use various techniques like:

  • Blog Directory
  • Forum
  • Blog Comment
  • Link Exchange
  • guest post etc.

Social Media Technologies for Search Engine Optimization for Websites:

This means your content includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogger, etc. Sharing is on social media platforms. You just write an article and give a link to the social media profile.

Users will click on the link and you can get thousands of visitors to your site. It depends on your list of followers and friends.

Social bookmarking for search engine optimization for websites:

Social bookmarking is an old but useful tool for getting visitors to our site. We may use websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon,, and to perform social bookmarking.

So, today it is about search engine optimization techniques that we are using nowadays. Besides, we have some other types of white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

I recommend that never go for a black hat technique. Google updates like Panda and Penguin can ever force your website to use the Black Hat search engine optimization technique. Always be honest with your work and use White Hat search engine optimization methods.

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